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Stage lights are very bright and can wash your dancers features out.  In order to see every dancer's face, we ask that they wear make-up.


Girls Make-Up & Hair

  • Age 3 through 2nd Grade & Mini Stars Team Members - Click Here

  • 3rd to 4th Grade & Rising Stars Team Members - Click Here

  • 5th to 8th Grade, Shooting Stars & Shining Stars Team Members - Click Here

  • 9th Grade to Adults & Elite Stars Team Members - Click Here

Boys Make-Up & Hair

Make-Up: A little blush and mascara are recommended.

Hair: Styled, with some product is recommended.

Our studio make-up palette and lip color are currently for sale in our Online Store (Click Here) or by completing our Google Order Form (Click Here).  The items are not required but are here for your convenience if you wish to order one.  We will be accepting orders through April 7th.

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