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On-Stage Rehearsals take place May 13th-18th, at Peakes Auditorium (Bangor High School). The On-Stage Rehearsal allows students to become familiar with the theater and feel comfortable with their performance and being on stage. Lighting, music cues, entrances, exits, formations, and all other logistics are rehearsed so the students have the best experience possible on stage.

Our On-Stage Rehearsals are relaxed, yet organized and timely. Students should arrive in regular dance clothes (unless rehearsing on Saturday, May 18th), with hair pulled back out of their face. Once you are done rehearsing, you may leave. However, it is always fun to stay for a while with your child and watch quietly from the back of the theater so they can see other groups rehearse.

Find the assigned On-Stage Dress Rehearsal day/time block for each class HERE.

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