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We're excited to welcome back Memorymaker Photography of Brewer, who will once again be taking group pictures and individual pictures for your dancer(s)!  Photos will be taken at the Hermon studio on Tuesday (May 2nd), Saturday (May 6th), Monday (May 8th) and Wednesday (May 10th). 

CLICK HERE to view our Picture Week Schedule!

Group Photos: All dancers will be in the group class photo.  A photo for each style of dance will be taken.  For example, a class picture in their tap costume and a class picture in their ballet costume will be taken.

Individual Photos: Any parent who would like to have an individual photo of the dancer will be taken right after the group photo.  Siblings/Family members may have pictures taken together as well.  No need to sign up.

CLICK HERE to view Memorymaker Photography's 2023 package options.

Please bring all costumes and accessories for the shoot.  This means that they need to have:

  • TIGHTS: tan or pink (which ever color applies to your costume that you were given with your costume)

  • COSTUME: Leotard, skirts, pants, shirts, hair pieces, gloves and/or any other accessories.  Anything that came with the costume should come to pictures. These are the same costumes dancers wore during our Holiday Show in December.

  • SHOES: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, etc.


Some things to remember:

  • All dancers must arrive with their hair done. 

    • Girls should have their hair pulled up in a bun.  Please hairspray/gel all hair back so there are no "fly away" hairs in the photos.  It makes the photos look nice and neat.  For a complete description, please CLICK HERE.

    • Boys should have their hair styled so it stays back and out of their face.  Hairspray/Gel should be used to keep the hair nice and neat as well.

  • All dancers must arrive with their make-up done.  Without makeup, their faces get washed out from the lighting.  Below is a brief explanation of what makeup is needed, but for a complete description, please CLICK HERE.

    • Girls should wear:

      • Eyeshadow - brown colors please (NO bright blues or greens)

      • Eye liner (for those in grade 2 and up)

      • Mascara

      • Foundation

      • Blush - reddish-browns (very important that they have some color in their cheeks)

      • Lipstick - red lipstick (no nude colors)

    • Boys should wear:

      • Mascara

      • Foundation

      • Blush - reddish-browns (very important that they have some color in their cheeks)

  • All dancers should bring ALL pieces of every recital costume they have (costumes, dance shoes, accessories, correct tights, and no panties under their tights).  Please have your dancer's name on all pieces of their costume and shoes.

  • Please bring your own bobby pins, safety pins, and hair spray. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the studio!

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